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Who We Are

NISASOÕN Herbal Hair Products was founded in 1985 by AginahHair who is a licensed cosmetologist with over 35 years experience and familiar with all hair types. They are homemade inspired by her grandmother Leslie. And made for the purpose of restoring health to hair and skin. They are formulated with environmental impact in mind and no animal testing.


NISASOÕN products produce exceptional manageability and a healthy glow with ingredients like Hemp, Amino Acids, Aloe, Castor and other beneficial botanical and herbal extracts.  Omega 3 offers needed strength for scalp and hair shaft, without harming the environment. NISASOÕN products are housed in recyclable packaging.


Aginah's Biography

"Bloom where you are planted"

Aginah Portrait.png

Aginah Carter-Shabazz 


Aginah Carter-Shabazz was born to Donald and Elizabeth Carter in Philadelphia.  Aginah began her professional Career in 1978.  She had an interest in criminal justice, but always wanted to discover the mysteries of having beautiful hair.  She attended LaSalle University with a desire to major in Criminal Justice.  But a stronger voice pulled her away, and she enrolled at Wilfred Academy Beauty School to pursue the study of Cosmetology. And as they say, “The rest is history.” Aginah opened the first Natural Hair Salon on the east coast, and has served her loyal customers for over three decades. She is an intuitive entrepreneur who uses her own experience and growth to fuel and guide her vision.
Never one to shrink back from a just cause, Aginah has always conveyed strength of purpose to people of all ages.  Justice For Her, an award winning documentary, is the directorial debut of this Philadelphia native.  She was inspired to direct and produce her first featured documentary following her daughter's arrest and trial in a capital punishment case.  This documentary film reveals that the choices women make bring consequences never imagined in their wildest dreams.  For additional information please visit the website
Today her motto, “Working from the inside out,” has taken on an even greater meaning and a far wider perspective.  Aginah uses that message to influence the ideals of young people, helping them to understand that the choices they make in their hearts and minds will affect their present lives as well as their ability to enjoy a positive, productive future.  Aginah is a mentor to aspiring cosmetologists and a member of the assessment panel and speaker for the Wharton School of Business’s Young Entrepreneur Program at the University of Pennsylvania.  She performs volunteer services as a mentor to students in Philadelphia and Lower Merion.  She is the founder of the Promising Enrichment Program (PEP) that builds self-esteem in young women and girls.  Also, she has taken the message of this program to the female victims of Hurricane Katrina housed under Philadelphia Mayor John Street's relocation program by offering them a day of beauty.  Aginah teaches Cosmetology Career Planning to teenage girls at the HOPE Charter High School in Philadelphia.
Aginah has been featured in numerous hair care magazines and many newspaper articles.  She has received numerous awards, including the State Treasurer’s Award to African-American Female Entrepreneurs in recognition of her contributions to society and the West Philadelphia Economic Development Award.  In a fitting tribute to her personal triumph and her professional achievement, she was awarded the 1996 Madam C.J. Walker Award by the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. This places her among the nation’s outstanding African-American women who followed the path of an African-American icon.
In December 2004, Governor Edward Rendell of Pennsylvania appointed Aginah to the State Board of Cosmetology.  Also on behalf of Stedman Graham & Associates, he extended warm congratulations to Aginah for her nomination for the Anita T. Conner Award of Achievement for outstanding leadership.  Making It Happen!
Throughout Aginah's Career there has been crisis, challenges and a serious illness.  Aginah first closed her salon in 2001, to heal after fighting the criminal justice system to free her daughter, and she did.  She reopened June 2006 and was forced to close her final chapter for good in April 2013 due to Moyamoya, a rare disease of the brain. Today she continues to provide holistic hair health education to her friends, family and the greater community. Aginahhair is also available for workshops and/or lectures. For additional information please visit the website

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