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"Choices: How They Impact Our Lives"


Aginah Carter-Shabazz  

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Riveting. Revealing. Reading that is a must for all Women! And Men!


CHOICEZ is the riveting story of Aginah Carter-Shabazz, one of Philadelphia's most prominent cosmetologists who learned the hard way about the high cost of pursuing the "fabulous" life. The moving memoir reveals lessons learned about the price women pay for negative interdependent relationships. Aginah masterfully weaves readers along her journey, revealing her poor choices and how they impacted her life. Throughout the memoir, Aginah learns and grows, but the lessons of her choices don't fully take hold until she reaches a mid-life crisis.


Whether CHOICEZ will succeed in helping you to remove the layers of programming and conditioning that is needed for women to make better choices awaits the reader in the exciting climax of this motivational story? CHOICEZ - How They Impact Our Lives.  



Read an Excerpt from Chapter Nine


When I started in business in 1978, I noticed that our hair always looked dry and brittle. Regular products gave the hair a stuck-to-the-head appearance. It was glued down to the scalp, looking dull and dry with no movement what so ever. I wanted to see a different look for Black hair. 

Out of my refrigerator came the solution: mayonnaise for flaky scalp and brittle hair; egg whites for protein; peanut oil for sheen. Then fifteen minutes under the dryer and Voila! Hair was bouncy, shiny, and in healthier condition. Everybody was like, "Wow". I got so busy that I was doing twenty customers a day, giving them the Aginah look.


The word started spreading around the neighborhood that a stylist by the name of Aginah Shabazz is going back for the future and surprising the cosmetology industry with some ole but tried and true methods for ensuring healthy hair. It's called, "Working from the inside Out" which means "building strong resilient hair by consuming natural foods, pure water, herbs, and natural supplements". This is a philosophy in which I strongly believe. 


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Copyright © 2008
by Aginah Carter-Shabazz
ISBN: Softcover 978-0-615-23027-6 $19.99

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