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Aginah's Hair Studio

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Since 1978
The Holistic Method of Hair Care

After suffering a brain hemorrhage April 28, 2010, Aginah was diagnose withMoyamoya, a rare disease of the brain. There is Moyamoya damage on both sides of her brain. Surgery was performed to left side July 2, 2010 at Jefferson Hospital. While researching her condition, she located a Moyamoya Center at the NorthShore Hospital in Manhasset, New York where she underwent extensive testing and Nova Studies to learn just what was going-on on the Moyamoya highway. Her results as of 8/2013 are as follows: Blood volume on left brain is 39 and right brain is 33 without surgery. So there's No surgery needed to right brain.


So all that to say, after 36 years, Aginah Hair Salon is now CLOSED or should we say Retired.  Aginahhair says, building healthier hair "Working from the inside out" is her legacy - how do you retire from that... 


 As a holistic hair health educator, She is still available for consultations to assist you in rebuilding healthier hair, also available for workshops and lectures. Aginahhair can be reached at or text 610.909.9414 please include your name at end of text.


Please take your time to enjoy our teaching website, and tell your friends. Don’t forget to sign our guestbook or visit the blog for specials and events...



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