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Aginah Hair Cocktail Menu

Emerald5 Color Cosmo


Got color and uncontrollable hair? This vibrant shot of cocktail infused with cranberry oil, shot of shea/tucuma butter will repair, moisturize, and smooth the hair shaft.


Hot Flat Iron Quick Fix


Are you an electric flat iron styling junkie? That's ok! This shot of cocktail fix is made just for you. AHHP EGC Leave-In Spray. A shot of Aginah's hair & skin butter, a shot glass of chaparral tea for strength, moisture and softness to repair damaged hair caused from everyday heat styling.


Split Endz Smoothie


Mending those endz? This velvety shot of cocktail targets the most dry and damaged areas to replenishdeliver lasting softness. Mix a shot of Aginah Herbal Hair Butter and lemon essential oil to, strengthen and to restore silkiness and shine to split ends.

Delicate Fragile Mask 


Limp hair, dry, brittle and damaged. Is your hair in a fragile state? This fabulous shot of cocktail calls for strength and moisture. A concentrated cocktail mix of protein (egg whites) to provide strength to stressed hair. Infused with jojoba oil, nettles & chamomile tea to give moisture replenishment and balance hair's moisture level. Leaving hair smoother, softer, and silkier.


Bahamas Vacation Shine


Is your hair ready for flight? Or is it dry, dull, and limp? This shot of cocktail bliss combines jojoba oil, olive oil, and rosemary essential oil to give intense moisture to replenish and protect hair's moisture level for fun-in-the-sun. Hair is healthier, smoother and softer with natural shine.


Ready for Take-Off!


Dry Brittle Control


Hair that is dry and brittle, that needs texture control. This soothing shot of cocktail contains lecithin, jojoba oil, and olive oil that provide intense softness, replenishment, and strength to restore silkiness and shine. As well as tucuma butter, shea butter, and ancestral essential oils that tame unruly hair. Increases manageability, leaving hair smooth, straight and silkier.


Weaveables Kamikaze


Weaveables? Or just feeling like a weave junkie? It's Ok. Well then here is your solution! This hot shot of cocktail repairs hair and scalp and transforms the texture of high-maintenance hair. A shot of Aginah's Hair Loss/Thinning serum with cayenne pepper & sesame hot pepper oil provides intense scalp circulation and strengthening repair to scalp. Your scalp is moisturized, repaired and has the protection it needs even while weaved.


Aloe Diva Vanity


Diva who loves to be vain, This luxurious cocktail treatment consists of a shot of Aloe Vera Gel fortifies chemically stressed hair and helps reinforce the cuticle. Along with a color protection shot to defend color limp hair with organic jojoba oil to keep vibrant. Key ingredients to keep hair shiny, strong and manageable; Apply Aginah's Herbal Hair & Skin Butter before shampooing and a shot of homemade Rose vinegar rinse.


Hair Loss Martinis


For hair loss and thinning. This folk medicine cocktail shot contains 3oz of cayenne pepper, fifth of Vodka diluted with 20% distilled water. Let sit for 2 weeks agitating the bottle everyday. Pour into a roller bottle and apply small amounts in the morning and at night. Intense circulation. A strong brew of selected herbal teas or apple cider vinegar makes a healthy rinse.

#Pump Up The Shine


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Creating beautiful healthy hair, The Aginah Way!

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