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Hair Care Essentials


Just keep these important points in mind...

  1. Think positively about your hair & scalp!

  2. Get to know the condition of your scalp, if necessary consult with Aginah.

  3. Use Aginah’s Herbal Hair Products regularly to obtain the best results. 

  4. Do not use products that strip hair of it's natural moisture; leave residue or create hair build-up; prevent hair & scalp from breathing.

  5. Finger massage the scalp at least 1-3 minutes a day to loosen the tightness of the scalp. 

  6. Regular Brushing improves the quality of your hair and cleanse the surface of dirt and dead skin before shampooing.

  7. Shampoo and Condition once a week or every two weeks with Aginah's Herbal Pomade

  8. Brush hair before going to bed to increase blood circulation in the scalp to stimulate hair growth.  

  9. Brush hair also upon awakening to increase blood circulation in the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

  10. Standing on your head or hanging your head off the bed while talking on the telephone or meditating is effective in bringing new blood to the blood-starved scalp.

  11. Depending on the growth of your hair, trim or cut every 6-8 weeks.

  12. Remember that the condition of your hair depends largely on your blood and the lifestyle you lead: A calm and peaceful life, well-balanced diet, pure water, herbs and natural vitamins, free-form amino acids and a brisk 30 minute walk will greatly benefit you and your hairs' health. 

  13. Stay away from hair glue, tight braids and synthetic hair.  Have you noticed that so many young & older women are thinning and balding...

  14. Stop smothering the hair with so many different synthetic finishing products.  Allow the hair & scalp to breath. 

  15. Should you need my assistance please don't hesitate to email  I'm here to educate and enlighten. 

  16. Complimentary consultation with hair appointments.   Please email or call 484.431.3177 for salon hours. 

Have A Healthier Hair Day!


Your holistic hair health educator

Aginah Shabazz

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