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Holistically Speaking

"Your health is your most prized possession"... so is your hair health, it is a living part of your body just like your skin, teeth and nails"

Feed Your Hair From Within

Your hair is fed by your blood stream.  The health of your hair and scalp depends to a great degree on the quality of your blood just as your general health depends on the quality of your blood.  The quality of your blood, which feeds your hair, depends on nutrition.  If your diet does not contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids, then your blood will be deficient in all important nutrients and cannot supply them to your hair.

If your hair is falling out or your experiencing baldness, you would be wise to get immediate attention.  Usually, hair loss caused by severe conditions is sometimes temporary, and when the condition is cleared up, the hair will resume it's normal growth. 


However, the greatest majority of all hair loss in men are so called male-pattern baldness and in women "female pattern."  In these instances, baldness is caused, as Dr, Mikus would say, by impaired blood circulation to the hair follicles, prolonged mental stress, affected by the influence of male hormone on the galea {causes it to thicken} or by impaired blood circulation caused by nutrition, or may be affected by the constriction of the blood vessels{cause by smoking} in the scalp, also emotional stress.


Female pattern see below FYI


Finger Massage:

Place both hands firmly on your head and without moving the fingers or palms, push the whole scalp in circular movements for a few seconds... then place the fingers or palms in a new position repeat until you cover the whole scalp including the forehead, temples and neck...


Use a fine brush of fine quality, natural bristle, brush hair for 3-5 minutes morning and evening.  Alternate up and down strokes.  Regular brushing improves the quality of your hair and helps to prevent baldness.  Brushing deep-massages the scalp and cleanse the surface of dirt, dead skin and stale oils.  It also helps the sebaceous glands to release their secretions and stimulate their normal activity.  And don't be afraid to brush thinking you will pull out too many hairs.  If the hair is loosely attached in its cuticle that will come off in brushing- then it would be of no benefit to keep it there.  The sooner it comes out the better...The emptied hair follicle stimulated by vigorous brushing and the flow of new blood, will soon start growing new hair.



I do not advise using detergent shampoos or hot water.  For your last rinse mix a 1 oz of  Bragg's apple cider vinegar to 5 oz a of warm water as your final rinse.  Or use Aginah's Herbal Hair Products.  


Suggested Herbs & Amino Acids{free form}


  • L-Tyrosine 500mg

  • L-Cysteine

  • Fish Oil 1000mg

  • Nettles

  • Horsetail

  • Cascara Sagrada

  • Kelp

  • Yellow Dock

  • Garlic w/Cayenne


Take your natural hormone herb daily. As Dr. Mikus would say, hair growth is a very slow process especially new growth.  Be consistent and patient.  Follow the suggested treatments conscientiously and you can expect to be richly rewarded for your efforts.

Keep me posted on your monthly results.  Should you need my assistance please don't hesitate to email   

Stay Calm!  

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