Aginah's Herbal Hair Products D/B/A The NISASOON Product Line

Our Herbal Hair Products represents professional know-how, as Aginah is a licensed cosmetologist with over 35 years of experience. She has worked with a diverse clientele,which has given her everyday familiarity with all hair types and their individual needs.

ZiProteinConditioner.jpg Zi PROTEIN SPRAY CONDITIONER (2 oz)
FlowerPower Jump Start Your Dermal Papilla Hair Engine! Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner for Men and Women. formulated with Glycerine, Rosemary, Glisten and proprietary Complex; Therapeutic Essential Oils, AminoLu which promotes the body's ability to stimulate growth and prevent hair loss.Amino Acid protein are high in essential amino acids, activating the growth phase. Skin ages, hair and scalp weakens, so we've made this product to boost the nourishment of the hair and scalp. SPECTACULAR HAIR!

FlowerPower slows the progression of hair loss. It improves hair texture, revitalizes scalp tissue, increases follicle activity and instantly de-tangles. Leaving the hair Smooth, Silky, Shiny, Straight Good Hair = Healthy Hair. It adds exceptional strength to natural, press n comb, heat styling, colored or relaxed hair.

Price: $35.99 Quantity
8ozJars.jpg Whipped Herbal Butter Creme! WHOLEBODY WHOLEFAMILY! (8 oz)
Inspired by my grandmother, our homemade inspired products are made for the purpose of restoring health to hair and skin--Naturally. The ultimate in revitalizing, moisturizing, and antioxidant protection. These nutrients provide the balance needed to maintain healthier hair and skin that reflects inner well being.

The healing properties of unrefined nature's butters penetrate to nourish and smooth the hair shaft and the skin epidermis. Organic oils of olive, coconut, oregano and jojoba combat dry skin and brittle hair. While herbal extracts of nettle and sage infused with a proprietary blend of therapeutic pure essential oils that stimulate new hair growth, manageability Naturally. Endless Uses Healing Endlessly.

Price: $30.99 Quantity
HerbalShampoo.gif HERBAL SHAMPOO
This product, which contain herbal extracts and a blend of essential oils is not just a topical cover-up; it is nutrition for the hair and scalp. The aroma of luscious lemon and stimulating wintergreen refreshes the scalp and soothes the mind.

This unique herbal-base shampoo, includes organic Kelp Extracts, Chamomile, Aloe and is ideal for chemically treated, dry, brittle or just normal to oily hair.

This gentle, yet rich conditioning shampoo washes away impurities. Our product is FREE of sulfates, parabens, phythalates, artificial coloring & animal waste matter.

Price: $8.95 Quantity
HerbalConditioner.gif HERBAL CONDITIONER
This exquisite product, which contains herbal extracts and a blend of essential oils is not just a topical cover-up; it is nutrition for the hair and scalp.

A moisturizing daily conditioner with pure jojoba oil, wheat protein, vitamin B and rose hips restore a healthy-look to all hair types. It also helps maintain your hair's natural moisture balance for smooth, shiny, bouncy hair that is not weighed down. It is ideal for hair weakened by chemicals, braids, locks, press & curl, weave glue and excessive heat.

Restore healthy hair weakened by chemical processing, excessive electrical heat and medication. It also moisturizes and softens natural hair. VEGETARIANISM FREE of anything artificial.

Price: $9.95 Quantity
CocktailSpray.gif HAIR LOSS COCKTAIL "Intense circulation" (1 oz)
POWERPACK Hair Loss Cocktail Oil made with organic Hot Pepper Oils, Cayenne Oil, Ginger Oil, Castor Oil, Oregano Oil, Stinging Nettle, proprietary blend of therapeutic pure stimulating Essential Oils, lowers inflammation in the scalp, strengthening blood vessels to encourage New hair growth and to help reverse thinning hair. In some cases, DHT (dihydrotestrone) shrinks the hair follicle which could begin producing less hair. HLC increases blood circulation in the scalp, a DHT blocker -- keeping DHT from attaching to the receptors and from damaging the hair follicles. Press and Curl, Straight and Natural hair roll-on in thinning areas. Weavable Diva's say, "We roll it on right between the parts." It's Cayenne HOT!


Price: $25.00 Quantity
WHOLESALE ORDERS (Samples, Trials, Hotel Amenities)

Save money, order in Bulk! Provide samples to your customers! Great as hotel amenities! (Minimum quantity is 500 units.)

  • Herbal Shampoo 1 oz @ $2.21 ea.
  • Herbal Conditioner 1 oz @ $2.27 ea.
  • Herbal Hair & Skin Butter 0.5 oz @ $2.40 ea.
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In the spirit of peace and hair health, new healthier hair growth is a very slow process. You must be consistent and patient "working from the inside out." By consuming herbs, minerals, natural supplements, wholesome foods, lots of pure water and using Aginah's Herbal Hair and Skin Products simultaneously, you can expect to be richly rewarded.

Do not expect to solve hair problems overnight, but over time you will see and feel the improvements while you are on the Aginahhair healing journey.

Aginah Carter-Shabazz

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