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Justice for Her
Justice For Her, Inc (The Justice) was officially incorporated in 2010 with the mission of inspiring and educating women and at-risk girls to make better choicez in the effort to lead healthier, productive and independent lives. 

Additionally the Justice also encourages the confidence and self-esteem of women, especially young women and at-risk girls.  Also non-violent female offenders re-entering society from prison were selected because the children are devastated and are six times more likely to commit a crime than those whose mothers are not incarcerated. 

The justice believes that All women have the innate ability to become productive citizens and contributing members of the global society.  "Choicez do matter".  Our director of education says, our Life Mastery Program encourages our program participants to create and actively live their  "Plan for Living" based on the highest good for themselves and humanity.

Official Officers
Aginah Carter-Shabazz, Founder/President
Safiyya Shabazz, M.D., Treasurer
Marquita Neal, M.A., Acting Recording Secretary
Rosa K. Lewis, Ph.D., Director of Education
Marvell Bilal, Educator/Program Manager
Phyllis Jones-Carter, B.A., Case Manager
Shanada Malik-Dunn, B.A., Culinary Chef
Shirley Artis-Toler, Director of Prison Liaison
Akosua Ali-Sabree, Ph.D., Director of Wellness
JFH Organization dispersed 2010